Phase 2 Round 1 Requirements

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FNPF members who have been Unemployed from 1 October 2019 or have just become Unemployed or are on Leave Without Pay can apply for Phase 2 Round 1 of the COVID-19 Withdrawal Scheme commencing 9 June 2020.

Phase 2


Submission modes

There are only two accepted methods of submissions:

1. myFNPF app Download from:

2. Employer Portal :

No applications are to be submitted via email or in any other form. 


When will I receive my payment?

Payment in Phase 2 will be done fortnightly commencing 23 June, and ending 18 August. Depending on the date the application is received by the Fund, the member will receive his/her first payment of $220 in the subsequent payment cycle, with the final payment on 18 August.

Phase 2R1 payment


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Where can I access the application form?

The form is available on the FNPF website but we encourage members to apply on the myFNPF app because you won’t need to fill in a form. The forms are also available with Employers, if you are applying through the Employer Portal.

2. What are the preferred payment options?

We are encouraging members to submit their bank account details.

3. How long will it take to process my application?

It will depend on how quickly your employer verifies your employment status. Once your application is received by the Fund, then it will follow the payment cycle.

4. What if my workplace is closed?

You will need to apply through the myFNPF app and select the option that your company is closed. Once you submit your application, FNPF will be notified and we will conduct the necessary checks.



Phase 2 Application Form

myFNPF App Self-Registration (English)

myFNPF App Self-Registration (Hindi)

myFNPF App Self-Registration (iTaukei)