Phase 4 Requirements & Forms

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Members who are unemployed from 1 January 2013 to 30 September 2019 can now apply for Phase 4.



The maximum amount allowed for withdrawal is between $100 to $1,100 depending on your General Account balance.


How can I apply?

You must apply on the myFNPF mobile app.


What documents will I need to submit with my application?

No documents are required.


What are the requirements?

The member must have a minimum General Account balance of $135.

Member must be between 18 to 54 years old.


How long will it take to process the application?

Processing will take up to 5 working days.


How will I receive my funds?

Payment will be in lump sum and paid out in the following preferred mode:

• Direct Transfer to Bank Account


• Post Fiji Bill Paid



COVID-19 Phase 4 Application Form


COVID 19 Assistance Employer Portal Submission

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